We are lighting the new year on fire. 8 plus months in the waiting and its finally here. Dave Miller at the Ritz. Thank you to everyone making this show one for the books. This is not for the faint of heart as we blend Heaven and Hell right here on MV On a Tuesday in January. Don't have to lie later to say you were there. Just be there. All tickets are being sold online so everyone gets a fair shake at attending. 



WTO # 6 - Polly Hill

To everyone involved in WTO # 06,

It never ceases to amaze me what can happen with these events. It was a perfect night showcasing an amazing 40 Sq. ft painting by our own Danielle Mulchay, and the addition of amazing music provided by Freddy and Francine and our staff DJ- KOS Polly Hill came alive with joy that evening. We only had 39 of the 40 pieces when we built it, but piece # 12 arrived in time for us to complete the painting at the event. The idea of Whatever the Outcome was to include all ages and background into the idea that art belongs to all of us. I feel this event achieved that idea and sparked imaginations for the guests. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Special thanks to Karen and the entire staff of the Polly Hill Arboretum for their kindness and support to an pretty indescribable show, and we must make recognition to what a amazing and valuable resource we have right under out feet. It was like the best house party in a home we all can share. Please take time to enjoy all they have to offer us. I surely will going forward.

Thanks again for coming out. We are taking this energy you shared and putting it into our next event, A barnstorming party with a new work by WTO artist and friend, John David Miller to happen in the next few months. It will be a celebration of what our home has to offer, with music, dancing, and the harvesting of JOY!!

We will be showing the 5 previous artworks on island over the next several months with a goal to sell these works to fuel the creation of more projects and putting eyes on the amazing talent the island has to offer. If you have an idea for a showing or are interested in purchasing one of the paintings please contact me for more information.

Craig Miner
Chief Instigator
Whatever The Outcome



An Open Letter To The Guests Of WTO # 05

An Open Letter To The Guests Of WTO # 05,

And here we are... Whatever The Outcome was once again rewarded by the unreal support of this Pretty Rock we call home. When all was said and done, another amazing and truly unique work of art was made by hundreds of hands culminating in this tangible proof that communities really can come together to make a difference. The money raised from this event has already begun to be felt as our next two artists in the Magnetic Canvas Series, Danielle Mulcahy and Dave Miller, are getting closer to showing these new works free to the public over the next two months.

Thanks to the efforts of a equally creative and powerful group of volunteers , without which we could NEVER have pulled this show off,we turned an idea into a canvas as different as the people who contributed to it.

None of this would have been possible without the nurturing and creative help of Justen Ahren, Director of The Noepe Center for Literary Arts, our guest Poet and friend. His dedication to the WTO and faith in the end result gave both inspiration and credibility to our venture.My hope is that this event will serve as a catalyst for our guests to enjoy more of the programs Justen continues to hold in this beautiful space. The complete text to Justens poem of which we shared a segment will be available to view

Quietly working with eager tenacity and great energy were my good friendsJenny Clark and Christopher C. Adler who endured both unending jobs to perform and weekend Boston to Cape traffic as well as the chaos of our home in summer to help us. This project would have collapsed without their strength and humor. I couldn't be more grateful.

When push came to shove, no one was more accommodating then WTO #03 artist and friend Melissa Nellis Patterson, who in the final hours took it upon herself to HAND PAINT each letter of the poem, using both her unending energy and amazing artist style, transforming the poem from words to artistic vision. No one in attendance was not blown away by the impact of her efforts.This should be remembered when its time to have a sign made, as this is the way Melissa and her company About Signs work it everyday. 

Nothing sets the tone more then an awesome groove, which was in ample supply from friend of WTO and staff DJ Keith Bassett, a.k.a DJ K-OS.When you need to feel the beat, look no further then his perfect taste in all things sonic!!

What can be said about our man, Michael Sullivan, island legend and true friend to Whatever The Outcome,Before I had even finished explaining my vision, Mike told me he was in.Keeping pace with the beat, Mike kept the suspense building as each new course of shingles were applied. His capable assistant and WTO's own "Vanna White" Madeleine Ezanno worked in concert with Mike to give flavor and context to each adjoining canvas applied. Their enthusiasm was infectious and made it even more fun to watch. We couldn't have asked for a better team.

What more can be said for our swank and beautiful bar staff, includingMeghan GombosAngela Park-SaylesStephanie DaRosa, as well as my lovely bride Michelle Brescia. Their work both crafting the delicious cocktails as well as the labor before, during, and after the event made it an evening to to not soon forget.

None of those efforts would have happened without the always accommodating and awesome help of my man Jamie McNeely and the whole staff of OUR MARKET in Oak Bluffs. Their contribution was huge and cannot be overstated..They served as a perfect example of business and community coming together to make our home even better!!

My son Max Miner and his lovely girlfriend Allie Joseph, as well as the work of my son Avery Miner and his friend Angel Shepard made the tasty Grill Cheese Station a huge success as well as serving another purpose of showing all the levels of support I have been given while trying to live out my odd and untested visions. I couldn't be more proud and happy with all their efforts and it was perfect to be able to share this project with them.

From Photographers, friends and new acquaintances,(including the physical efforts of Dave Miller, James Bohan, and Eamon Sayles) so many hands played a part in turning this event into the success I feel it was. I do not want to discount the efforts of anyone, and apologize in advance for any slight, both imagined or real.

A special mention must once again be made to my wife and partner of almost 30 years Michelle Brescia. After watching me close to death on 3 occasions over the last 2 months, her strength of character and innate sense of knowing what would help me heal served as the vessel which made this project a reality. Her humor and beauty are only surpassed by her patience and understanding. For this, I dedicate this project to her. 

And now onto all of YOU. My one regret is that I was not able to take time to enjoy spending time with each of you, examining you shingles,your processes, and your visions that served as the inspirations for the amazing artwork you presented on this project. As I had time (and light) to get a clearer picture of just what had been created, I was just blown away again and again by what I saw. You folks got it, and for this I will be forever in your debt. Its not the booze or the music or the space that make a night like we had. Its what each of you brought with you, and the piece truly reflects how unique you all are.. You are my inspiration, and allow me to see just how lucky I and Whatever The Outcome really are. THANK YOU ALL!! You are all WTO!!

p.s. Hope to see you all on August 29th at Polly Hill from 6 to 9 for WTO # 06!!



Attention Shoppers

Work progresses as ideas are loosened and tightened. A drop of sunlight changes all perspectives these days it seems.

     Our man Dave Miller has commenced putting paint to canvas for #4 and options for this opening (openings ?) are robust. In honor of this new season commencing, and as a way to do a soft test of the WTO store, I wanted to offer something special.With each of the first five orders we ship, I will include an extra magnet as well as a piece of the original Canvas used to create WTO #01 "Oil Slick" by our own Traeger di Pietro. For any of you who participated in or worked on that show, its a nice memento of some thing beautiful and unique. Just use coupon code "imthewto"

     We are also talking to folks who have expressed an interest in working in or with the WTO. We currently have 5 confirmed shows in all kinds of amazing places and begin to imagine more we could do with a committed force.All disciplines are of value to Whatever The Outcome. Our best ideas thrive off collaboration and each project is  completed by the work and time of both the artist and a group of people  who strive to make something special.Come treat yourself to a little special.



Congrats to Danielle Mulcahy !!!

WTO # 03 Artist Danielle Mulcahy has just received a grant from  Pathways Projects Institute to help with the completion of her Film project "Seed Series". We are all so glad to hear her good fortune will still allow her to show a new Piece for WTO #06 later this year. Nice Job Danielle, and we can't to see what you create!