Work progresses as ideas are loosened and tightened. A drop of sunlight changes all perspectives these days it seems.

     Our man Dave Miller has commenced putting paint to canvas for #4 and options for this opening (openings ?) are robust. In honor of this new season commencing, and as a way to do a soft test of the WTO store, I wanted to offer something special.With each of the first five orders we ship, I will include an extra magnet as well as a piece of the original Canvas used to create WTO #01 "Oil Slick" by our own Traeger di Pietro. For any of you who participated in or worked on that show, its a nice memento of some thing beautiful and unique. Just use coupon code "imthewto"

     We are also talking to folks who have expressed an interest in working in or with the WTO. We currently have 5 confirmed shows in all kinds of amazing places and begin to imagine more we could do with a committed force.All disciplines are of value to Whatever The Outcome. Our best ideas thrive off collaboration and each project is  completed by the work and time of both the artist and a group of people  who strive to make something special.Come treat yourself to a little special.