Hey You got yourself a SHINGLE !

Now what do I do?


     First off, we would just like to thank you for your participation in this amazing experiment in Art and Community.We are sure you have many questions, and we hope to answer them in this section of the website.

     You are now an active participant in a large scale art project that will utilize the talents of 125 artists, working together to create an canvas in which we will nestle a new work by West Tisbury Poet Laureate Justen Ahern. A wall approximately 7 ft by 7 ft will be installed on site and will serve as the canvas for your shingle. A shingle artist will collect your finished artwork and will begin the process of blending your canvases with 15 lines of Justen's poem. These 15 courses of shingles with contain the poem, to be seen by all for the first time at the event. Our Shingle Artist will choose the shingle placement and will construct a new line every 8 minutes, as the finished poem will be completed over a period of 2 hours. The completed work of art will be then be offered up for sale to support the many ongoing projects of Whatever The Outcome. 


What You Need To Know...


Saturday, August 9th, 2014

The Noepe Center for Literary Arts 
104 Main Street, Edgartown, Massachusetts 02539

6:00 PM : Artist Check In and Portrait, Cocktails served

7:00 PM : Start of CONSTRUCTION OF WTO # 5

7:00 to 9:00 PM: DJ Set and dancing

Completion of WTO # 5

Swim at South Beach under the Full Moon


     You are responsible for creating a work of art on the bottom 5 inches of the front of your shingle. What you create is up to you, but we would like to offer a few guidelines to make a smooth and level playing field for all of our artists.

  1. Only the bottom 5 inches of the shingle will be visible. Please plan your artwork accordingly. 
  2. We would like you to use materials that are permanent and can withstand being nailed onto the wall. Acrylic paints and permanent makers will hold well to the wood. Any other material that is moisture resistant will help with the artworks permanence.
  3. Please be respectful of the 5 inch space by making sure any 3 dimensional work will be contained in this area and not extend to another artists space.
  4. 7 of the shingles will be split in half to satisfy the requirement of the shingle courses overlapping each other. If you find this idea intriguing you can plan your design with this in mind.
  5. We will make our best efforts to carefully apply each shingle, with an understanding that shingles are sometimes fragile and can break during the application.
  6. Please bring your shingle fully dried and ready for application.
  7. We have tried to leave as much room for creativity as possible, with the hopes that our artists themes and style will be suitable for future viewing by the general public. 
  8. Have fun and let your creativity run wild! Each artist has an equal amount of space in which to share their vision. Enjoy your 25 square inches of canvas.